Posted by: faysfloridavilla | July 12, 2011

We’ve won another award!

For the last two years my owners at Bowen Rentals have received an award from the local business community for the high standards of their property rental activity.

Now I’ve been awarded the coveted Rated Excellent status from internet travel site FlipKey.

You can see the new badge on our website using this link. This award is given to relflect the feedback given by people that have booked their stays with me through FlipKey and you can read their reviews if you click on the Rated Excellent badge.

Posted by: faysfloridavilla | June 16, 2011

web site changes

My web site has been given a face lift and I also have a new logo.

Posted by: faysfloridavilla | June 4, 2011

I now have flat screen TVs in all rooms

I now have a flat screen TV in the Living Area, the Master Suite both other bedrooms and in the den. You can watch a different station on each set, so all the family can find something to watch when you’re cooling off after a day at the theme parks.

Posted by: faysfloridavilla | June 3, 2011

I’m looking and feeling good after a bit of a service

My owners have been over and I’ve had my deep clean and my major appiliances have all been serviced. They also bought me some new vanes for my vertical blinds and bought me some nice things to make me look pretty for my guests.

Come and try me out.

Posted by: faysfloridavilla | April 13, 2011

recomended on FlipKey and TripAdvisor

It is nice to hear that I am a recommended villa on both of the leading self catering holiday web sites. Look for their logos on my web site.

Posted by: faysfloridavilla | April 9, 2011

June Is Busting Out All Over Offer

You can save 10% on bookings of 5 days or more for June 2011.

Get in touch and make your booking now.

Posted by: faysfloridavilla | October 18, 2010

Florida Wildlife News

Rocky Raccoon, who had moved in next door and was living on their pool cage hasn’t been around for a while. I guess that he didn’t like the new owners moving in.

I do have a sqirrell that comes one or twice a day to play on the bird feeder

Posted by: faysfloridavilla | October 17, 2010

October 2010 Update – All sorts of new things!

My owners have been over to see me and have been buying me presents!

I now have a 26″ HDMI TV/DVD in the den, so the 22″ one that was there is now in the master bedroom and the 19″ one from there is in the front bedroom.

All sorts of new signs and decorations ahave gone up along with some more pictures.

A new pool blanket is in place to keep my pool warm and safe over the winter.

Best of all I now have my alarm system working. I’ve had all the wores and things since I was built, but my owners have always been worried that having a system set up might be a bit too much for my guests. These days so many other villas have them that they bought me one and I’m very pleased with it.

Posted by: faysfloridavilla | August 20, 2010

it’s been very hot this Summer in Florida

It has been really hot and humid this July and August and some of myguests have been leaving my doors open which makes it hard for me to keep myself cool for them.

My owners will be coming back to see me soon. I’ve been so busy with other people that I haven,t had room for them for nearly a year, but they do look after me and buy me nice things when they are over.

Posted by: faysfloridavilla | August 6, 2010

my new blinds have been installed

I now have brand new vertical blinds to both sets of patio doors to replace the ones that some guests broke on a recent visit.

The new ones are easier to use and look very good. I hope that my owners like them when they come over next month.

Keeping the blinds closed during the day helps to keep me nice and cool for when you come back from your day out at the parks.

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